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$999 per month

Full access to the entire library of icons and updates of new icons

Unlimited access to our icon customization app and unlimited downloads



  • Single PNG icons in normal sizes Each icon is created and downloaded as a separate PNG file.
  • Retina-ready sizes for the PNG icons Along with the normal sizes, all single icons are created and downloaded with the retina ready sizes for each icons.
  • PNG sprite in normal size All of the icons created are available within a single sprite easily usable within your web applications, optimized for performance and decseased server requests.
  • PNG sprite retina ready Along with the normal sized sprite, you get to download the retina-ready sized PNG sprite of the icons selected.
  • Single SVG icons Each icon is available in vector SVG format, ready to be used directly within your HTML code, or through the CSS as a background, as well as in your design programs as Illustrator or Sketch.
  • SVG sprite A vector SVG sprite of all of the selected icons is created and downloaded for use within your web applications, or in your design in Illustrator or Sketch.
  • Projects Placing your sets of icons in multiple projects helps you get more organized and improves your workflow even when on Android, iOS and web projects at the same time.
  • Powerful and multi functional color picker Our color picker was specifically crafted to easily and efficiently apply unlimited solid fills and gradients.
  • Inspirational pre-ready themes We are constantly creating inspirational pre-ready themes so it's easy for you to craft the icons you need; you can get your own icons with the themes available or use the themes to easily get started.
  • Unlimited icon sets You can create as many icon sets as you need it; feel free to iterate through the icons you craft until you get the ones you find most fitting within your projects.
  • Unlimited downloads You can download the sets of icons you create as much as you wish; everything you create is available to you even after your purchased plan expires.